5 Tips for Keeping Your Irrigation System Up and Running

An irrigation system is a must for your landscape design. Any plant (especially newly soiled ones) needs an efficient and regularly serviced irrigation system to keep it thriving and looking beautiful all year 'round. Irrigation systems are the most convenient and eco-efficient way to keep your plants healthy; they help prevent over and under watering and if used and maintained correctly, can help you save hundreds on residential water costs. Irrigation System Water Pumps

But irrigation systems need to be properly maintained in order for them to run smoothly and take care of your landscaping for as long as possible. An ignored irrigation system is an unhappy one, and you will definitely begin to see this reflected in your plants. We have compiled some tips for you to keep your irrigation system working to the best of its abilities, all year 'round: Irrigation System Services

1.Check For Leaks

In order to optimize your irrigation system, you must regularly check for any breakage, cracks, or leaks in the pipes and heads. Over time, wear and breakage will happen -- it will save you time and money to catch them early on. If a head is broken or missing, it is important to replace it immediately to stifle any further damage. Broken or missing sprinkler heads can cause run off from the chemicals used to treat surrounding plants.
2. Invest in a Rain Sensor

If you have an irrigation system, it is actually required by Florida law that you install a rain sensor. You know what that means! If your Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Springs, or Lake Mary landscape design currently uses an irrigation system to keep your plants fresh and thriving, make sure that a rain sensor is installed! Irrigation System Design

3.Clean it Regularly!

Clogged nozzles and heads can easily cause dry spots in your landscaping. It is important to consistently clean them out to make sure your irrigation system is doing its job to keep your plants alive and looking beautiful. Unscrew the heads and clean out the filter by removing the nozzle and cleaning the screen with a toothbrush.
4.Adjust for the Seasons!

Plants require less water in the cooler seasons (Winter, Spring and Fall) and more water in the hot summer months. By adjusting your irrigation system to account for the seasons, you will save water, money, and your plants lives! Use your system's controller to schedule more water in the summer months and less in the cooler seasons. Your plants, and your wallet, will thank you!

5.Use Consistent Heads!

It's essential to use the same type of head with the same precipitation rate throughout all of the zones in your Florida landscaping. Mixed heads can cause your landscape to receive too much or too little water in certain areas. For example, spray heads deliver the same amount of water as rotors, but in 1/3 the amount of time. If you are irrigating a smaller area, stick to JUST using spray heads in order to save water and time. But if you are irrigating a larger area, use only rotor heads to get the job done and set the time to 3 times the amount that you would an area with spray heads. Irrigation System Design