The Construction Aspect of Irrigation

An irrigation project facilitates irrigation water supply to farms. That said, having a reliable irrigation water supply largely depends on the construction aspect of the irrigation project. Irrigation System Water Pumps

The major components of an irrigation system are, pipes, pumps, automatic irrigation controllers, irrigation emitters, filters, back-flow prevention devices, valves & valve boxes, irrigation system sensors, solenoid cables and connectors. 

#Conduct a survey

Before commencing the construction of an irrigation project such as a dam, weir or barrage, it is important that a survey of the entire area is done. A survey by competent construction managers for an irrigation project is necessary to understand the suitability of the project and the challenges that may arise. Irrigation System Pumps

#Look at the aspect of water availability

Whether you are constructing a water reservoir or a weir, you need to observe the availability of water in the particular area. An irrigation project is best constructed in an area with a reliable source of water such as a river that does not dry seasonally. 


#Look at topography


Once you have established that there is enough water to sustain the irrigation project , the team should go ahead and study the topography of the area. This will help in marking the tentative alignment for the irrigation project. Moreover, it is at this stage that the behavior of the land to be irrigated is examined. 

#Selection of construction site


The construction site is selected after soil survey has been done to establish its foundation depth. Besides, there should be sufficient basin area that has the capacity to meet the required irrigation demands. 

Apart from ensuring that the site is easily accessible, the construction materials as well as labor should be readily available.  

Another thing to note is that an irrigation project needs to be assessed for safety considerations. Irrigation System Installation

Once an irrigation system has been constructed and started working, it should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it's functioning optimally and establish if there are any signs of damage.

The construction of an irrigation project should be done with strict adherence to sound engineering principles and guidelines so as to provide a stable, long-lasting and safe water supply needed for farm irrigation. Irrigation System Supply